April 27, 2011

Happy #1: Daily Prayer Emails

In the South, where Megan lives, a small gift is called a "happy." It's always a good day when someone shows up at the door bearing a happy: flowers cut from a friend's yard, a candle, a jar of home-made muscadine jelly. Here, we want to give a happy to our fellow Sunday Women. These are things that make us happy, and we hope they'll make you happy, too. Enjoy!

If you're like me, your prayer life sometimes gets stuck. I pray for my husband, my kids, and sick people in my church. But, sometimes, I have trouble expanding my prayers. I know there are other things I should be praying, but my mind is cluttered, weak, and tired.

About a year ago, I signed up for Daily Prayer emails through MatthewHenry.org. The emails cycle through Matthew Henry's Method for Prayer, so I open my inbox every morning to something different: adoration, intercession, confession, thanksgiving. These 1-page, Scripturally-based prayers remind me to pray the whole Bible. (For example, when was the last time you stopped to "Thank God for making you in His image" as one email prompted?)

Do I always pray the whole prayer? Rarely. Do I read the subject line and find my prayer horizons broadened? Often. You can get daily prayer emails, too.


  1. Megan, You have such rich prayers. Do you think this is part of the cause?

  2. Thanks for your encouragement, Mom. If I know anything about praying, I think I learned it from praying with others who come "boldly before the throne of grace" and also from learning to see every Scripture as food for prayer. The daily prayer emails give me reminders of the variety of topics God desires us to pray.

  3. Oh my! This caught my eye because growing up, sometimes when my mom would return home from running errands or whatever, she'd bring us a "happy surprise". Maybe it evolved from the small gift known as a "happy"! She grew up in the south, so that makes sense. :)

    I also get a daily prayer reminder from Prayers.org (from Germaine Copeland who wrote Prayers that Avail Much). Those are really awesome too...and I don't always read every email everyday, but they are short and sweet, and filled with Biblical prayers.

    So nice to meet you both. :)


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