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The Joy of Stuff (Re-Thinking the Cult of Tidying Up)
My house is an arena for God's glory and a factory for his kingdom.

Caregivers who attend your church need special ministry attention.

A Casserole Is Not Enough. Except When It Is.
Waving chicken-and-rice in the face of death seems pointless. But it's not.
Husbands: Some Assembly Required
Observations to help you be married to your man with prudence.

3 Things to Say to a Grieving Non-Christian
What do you say to the pagan who is mourning the death of her friend?

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Challies.com, The Gospel Coalition, MarryWell, ChurchLeaders.com, The Aquila Report, HeadHeartHand.org


  1. I clicked on your post A Casserole Is Not Enough When It Is and it went to a google site...not the article. I just wanted you to know this link does not work. I did not try all the stories listed so do not know if they work or not. Thank you very much for your posts I have read many others. Sarah

    1. Sarah, Thanks so much! I think it's fixed now. Megan

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