Sunday Women are pastors' wives, youth leaders, and foreign missionaries. They live downtown and in small towns. They don't all play the piano. They have stories to tell.  
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Joleen Steel writes for pastors' wives at Pastor's Wife 101

She would tell a new pastor's wife: "Pray, pray, and pray some more! Truly, prayer is the place where God can transform our attitudes and strengthen our spirits."
Michele Call blogs from Uruguay at The Call Family

She writes: "Look to Jesus always.  Ministry is harder than I ever thought it would be, but that's okay because Jesus is there to walk beside us."

Shannon Garland blogs from a parsonage in the church parking lot at The Things That Count

She remembers her own pastor's wife from childhood "She would tell anyone she met about [Jesus], she prayed fervently, and she has memorized most of the Bible. She is a true source of encouragement for this fledgling pastor's wife who still isn't able to do most of what I just listed!"

Maria Rockhill is a pastor's wife and missionary kid who blogs at A Comedy of Heirs.

She would tell a new pastor's wife: "Know that ministry and leadership gets lonely sometimes, but it's worth the calling."

Ann Dunlap is the cancer survivor behind Strong in Weakness, Glowin' in the Dark

She loves to teach women's Bible studies, thanks to a woman named Marilyn: "She isn't famous and hasn't written any books.  She's just a 70-year-old woman who loves Jesus and loves women." 

Cristy Slawson blogs from two sides of the globe at Always Somewhere

She has "been to Siberia. . .helped my son on a 3 minute escalator ride in his wheelchair to get on the St. Petersburg Metro. . .given birth in a foreign country. . .and been told not to sit on the ground because the earth is really cold and could give me an infection."

Hanneke Couperus blogs with her husband about seminary life at Lad and Ladies in Training

She says, "God provides for us in some of the most amazing ways! At a street party which we went too, there was a sign up sheet to received surplus foodbank items. I signed up and last week a box of [goldfish-shaped] bread turned up at my doorstep, it was expired but made good toasties and nice toast!"

Melody Hester blogs about being a "sort-of-sassy" pastor's wife at Life is a Bowl of Wedgies

Her advice for the new girl is "Know that ministry & leadership gets lonely at times but it's worth the calling. Be ever careful of your tongue - never belittle your man or another church member to another person. Ever. Teach your children that being in a pastor's home is an honor because serving Jesus is an honor. yourself. Don't become all stage fright girl because of the title 'Pastor's Wife.' You can still be you and should be who God created you to be before you even became a Pastor's Wife."
Kathy Schriefer blogs about shoebox ministry at Life Inside the Box

She once "hauled 5700 packs of crayons in my minivan. I was so excited when I picked them up at Walmart and they all fit in my vehicle that I never considered how heavy they were. My husband was quite upset when he saw me drive into the driveway with the rear of the car nearly touching the ground."

Jackie Manley blogs about being faithful and frugal at Faithful Female

She is thankful for the influence of her mother: "She was a pastor's wife and now I, too, am a pastor's wife.  I learned so much by watching her mature in such a position."


  1. The blog of this wife of an RPCNA pastor is a sometimes humorous, sometimes serious record of some of the memorable events in this household. The title was selected as a playoff of Shakespeare's "A Comedy of Errors" and shows the very human side of this household. It may or may not be appropriate for this blogroll, but I would appreciate if you would give it consideration. I usually post every couple of weeks.

    1. If you can give us some more information about your blog, we'd love to include you on this page. Just complete and submit the form above or email me at megan(at)

  2. In addition to my page submission, I'd like to add that my husband and I, along with a few other couples, are currently starting a fellowship in a community where there are no Bible teaching churches!

    1. Apologies, and I haven't forgotten about you, Ann!

  3. Hi Megan,
    Just noticed that my bio says that I'm a 70 year old woman. Actually, I turn 50 this month! Can you fix that please? Thanks!

    1. Ann, I think the the 70-year-old is not about you but about your friend Marilyn who discipled you in the faith. Is that correct?

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