April 16, 2011

One Size Does Not Fit All

Even if I shove with all my might, my hand does not fit in the glove that says “One Size Fits All.” I have the same problem with most hats. Recently, I met a woman who said these accessories were always too big for her. Likewise, the assorted people we minister to are not “One Size Fits All.” They are diverse in personality, interests and sin patterns and, yet, created in the image of one God. As Psalm 139:14a says they are “fearfully and wonderfully made.”

God made them and, therefore, knows them perfectly. On the other hand, God’s servants have to work hard to be in tune with humans and their needs. Bringing biblical truth to bear on people’s unique situations requires time and wisdom.

For example, the Bible tells us to be hospitable. However, making your prize-winning, dairy-laden dessert for a friend who you know to be lactose intolerant is not thoughtful. Instead, a wiser, more loving choice would be to buy a milk-free cookbook and try one of the recipes for her next visit. She will appreciate your care for her.

In more spiritual areas, we should study the Bible to see what it has to say about the human condition. And, we must know the people God sets before us. I pray for the skill to observe people and minister appropriately.

Asking questions helps me to clarify how I can be useful to others. How can I apply what I know of God’s word to whatever issue they are facing? What sort of merciful or compassionate deed can I do to help her? If this woman needs the Gospel, how can I guide her to see the truth about the Savior? Is this person struggling with besetting sin? How can I keep from enabling him or her? The biggest question of all for me is: How can I speak the truth in love?

People are not "One Size Fits All," which means we have to do some work to get to know them.  Once we take the time to ask questions, we can search the Bible to help them find answers. That glove is guaranteed to fit! 


  1. Isn't it wonderful that the Bible is perfectly sized for people of all sizes? God speaks, and His word is (to quote Goldilocks)"just right" for individuals who are diverse--yet each made to glorify Him.

  2. Thanks for this post! I appreciate your illustration about dairy-free hospitality. I can personally attest to how meaningful it is to have one's host thoughtfully adjust her menu in this way.


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