May 5, 2011

Happy # 2: Cheerful Flower Pins

In the South, where Megan lives, a small gift is called a "happy." It's always a good day when someone shows up at the door bearing a happy: flowers cut from a friend's yard, a candle, a jar of home-made muscadine jelly. Here, we want to give a happy to our fellow Sunday Women. These are things that make us happy, and we hope they'll make you happy, too. Enjoy!

Because I knew I would have lots of waiting time during my husband's surgery, I came prepared with instructions and materials to make these cheerful flower pins. I taught my friend, who was there supporting me, and several women that I met in the waiting room that day about making the pins. My interaction with others in this way gave me an opportunity to share the hope I have in Christ even in trying circumstances.

I plan to give the flower pins to women in my church who were especially thoughtful of me in a difficult time. These ladies organized prayer, a shower of cards and goody bags filled with many items to pamper me as I waited. In my version of the pin, I used printed felt, which I didn't know about before. If you make some, please share the photos of your own flower "gardens."


  1. Mom, those are so cute! How long does it take you to make one?

  2. I think they take 15 to 20 minutes. It doesn't require total concentration so even someone as uncoordinated as me can do other things, like watch TV or talk to someone, at the same time. I noticed Hobby Lobby online has great printed felt that you can't get up here.

  3. Those are really cute! And how fun that you could make them as thank-yous.
    Praying for your husband as he recovers from surgery.

  4. I passed around a bowl of flower pins at prayer meeting last night (the ones you had made for the ladies in my church who prayed for Dad) and the women were so excited! Thanks.


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