June 22, 2011

Happy #8: Meeting Doodles

No, I am not talking about the art work you do when you are bored in a meeting or the opportunity to get acquainted with a wacky person. I mean the free Internet calendar tool, Doodle. It helps you schedule a date and time when most of the people in the group can meet. I have participated in Doodle for work and ministry.

If you, the leader, want to find out the availability of your group, go to Doodle. You can try it first with a pretend meeting. I suggest that you register as an administrator right away and get doodling. Click on "log in" the upper right hand corner. Then select "Create account." Doodle gives you helpful prompts along the way.

Meeting participants do not have to register. Doodle invites them to a meeting (It is called polling.). Then, the group members select the dates and times that are best for them within the parameters you set up . You (the administrator) can see the results of the poll and set the meeting. Your life just got easier.


  1. I bet you could use it for fun stuff too. Which show time for Mr. Popper's Penguins do my friends prefer? Which day works best for a swim play date with other moms & kids? Even, when can my husband and I schedule a date? I'm doodlin'

  2. I think it beats being in the same room as the entire group while you try to synchronize your Blackberry with everyone else's. You know me, Megan, making my life easier is fun. It frees up time for me to do something funner.


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