July 6, 2011

Happy #10: Button, Button, Sew on Some Buttons

Grandma saved buttons in canning jars. Some were mundane white shirt buttons, but the rest were treasures. As a child, I loved sorting them by shape and color. Unusual buttons still make me happy. When my friend pointed out a button bracelet in an expensive boutique, I decided to try to make one.

Patsy's Button Bracelet Instructions

7/8" to 1 3/8"-wide elastic; white for light buttons, black for darker ones
Assorted shapes, sizes and colors of buttons; from grandma or purchased
Measure your wrist with a tape measure. Add 1/4" to your wrist measurement. Cut that length of elastic. Use a sewing machine to make a reinforced 1/8" seam to join the two ends into a circle. Sew the buttons on the elastic by hand, overlapping to hide the elastic as much as possible. Use smaller buttons to fill in the gaps. Think of Grandma and smile.


  1. Me, too.
    This makes me think of my grandma, too, which makes me smile even more.

  2. I started my own button collection as a teenager. I have them in zip lock bags. These practical containers don't have the cache of a canning jar, though. Maybe I should switch to a jar now that I am a grandmother.


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