July 13, 2011

Happy #11: Glamour in a Box

In 1993, I was 14 years old. I had a regular babysitting job for two children whose names I can't remember. But their mom was the most glamorous woman I knew. She had long red hair, subscribed to Victoria magazine, and went shopping while I babysat. But the real mark of her sophistication was the embossed, round, cardboard box of Coty Airspun face powder on her bathroom vanity. To my young mind, loose powder with its accompanying puff was the accessory of movie stars, and I dreamt of the day I would have a box of that glamour, too.

Eventually, I discovered that Coty Airspun is available not only on Rodeo Drive, but also in my local Walgreens. It only costs $6.99; it lasts for years. And, recently, to my near-heartbreak, Coty changed its elegant packaging to plastic. Sigh. I've also learned that ministry life is no place for idolizing beauty (I Timothy 2:9-10) but surely beauty itself is part of being female (see: The Song of Solomon.)  

I'm now 32 years old; if you babysat for me you'd quickly spot that round box with it's sweet, powdery smell and vintage graphics. Every morning, I open my Coty Airspun for a modest dusting of glamour. It still works.

What makes you feel glamorous?


  1. I was thinking about this question as if a babysitter came to my house--what would they say? I guess they would say my glamour would be shaving cream + shaved legs (which I hate the work to do)+ sweet pea lotion (which also used to only be carried by Bath and Body works but is now a generic at Walmart). haa haa Cracks me up just thinking about it.

  2. I also have to add...I recently started using Ponds cold cream for the first time in my life. My girls come running when they smell it open, and they think of glamour when I use it!!! I got them their own jars--works WONDERFUL for sunburns, and I learned that the hard way.

  3. I cleanse my face with Noxema which imparts a refreshing coolness; I am on the far side of 50 and as a young girl watched my Mom go through her cleansing ritual with Noxema. The baton has been passed to my daughter. What makes me feel glamorous? Deep raspberry lipstick and just a smidge of eyeliner! Am rarely without them!

    Debbie Edwards

  4. Southern women might not understand this, but, for me, glamour is the feel of a cashmere scarf on my neck in the winter. It is more of a Katharine Hepburn (who lived in my state) glamour than a Lady Gaga glamour.

  5. This made me smile! :) Wearing a little bit of make-up boosts my confidence but I don't know that I've ever felt 'glamorous' which is a little sad. lol I think I will look for something that makes me feel that way! :)

  6. Patsy! I totally understand the scarf feeling glamorous! Since living in St. Pete and seeing such beautiful scarves worn in different ways, I feel glamourous with a scarf, too. I just wish I could use one more often when visiting MS.

  7. All the talk of cashmere scarves brings sweet memories of my New England past!

    Kristy, I think glamour is a bit like a husband: when you find the right one, you'll just know! Let me know if you do.

  8. My Walgreen's still has the powder in a cardboard box package.

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