July 18, 2011

Happy # 12: God's Cool Creation

God's creation is so amazing. Take snowflakes, for example. They are so delicate and intricate. It is possible that no two are alike. Only God knows if duplicates exist. I have seen many softly falling from the sky.

These photos, of real snow crystals that fell to earth, were taken with a specially designed snowflake photomicroscope by Kenneth G. Libbrecht, a physicist. His photos are featured on postage stamps and in books.

Dr. Libbrecht's website has more stunning photos and contains a snowflake primer, which tries to answer questions like "Is it ever too cold to snow?" This is a perfect time of year to marvel at God's creation while cooling off. Do you like the delicate ones (above) or more sturdy-looking ones (left)?Photos here courtesy of Kenneth G. Libbrecht.


  1. In the last chapters of Job, a passage I often read to combat seeds of pride in my heart, God says, "Have you entered the storehouses of the snow?" (Job 38:22) The snow may be a beautiful mystery to us but is completely understood and intentionally designed by our Creator.

    Oh, and I love the delicate, spikey one. . .but, being a Yankee at heart, I have lots of respect for the tougher little guys, too.

  2. Yes, it is too cold to snow at times. I've been there. :)
    I love that God made things beautiful. He could have made things dull and uninteresting, but He didn't!


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