December 26, 2011

Happy: The First Time I Met You

I don't even remember meeting my husband. According to him, it was in the Hicks Cafeteria at Grove City College. He was looking for a place to sit, and my roommate and I waved him over. I don't remember it, but I do remember subsequently falling so madly in love that I signed up for two semesters of Old Testament Greek on the off chance that he would notice me. And I do remember the night he asked me to marry him on the porch of my house, and the day I said "I do," and the moment I realized I could no longer remember life without him.

I remember meeting my oldest son, fresh from the womb. I remember thinking "what have we done?" and "can we give him back?" I remember falling in love with him, too, slowly, through the long mid-night hours of newborn need and frailty. Today, when he sits at the kitchen table, telling me about his kindergarten adventures, I cannot remember life without him.

And I remember meeting my other son, eight days old and already being passed to his third primary caregiver.
Did he know then that I would be his forever mother? When I got in the van tonight, he looked at me and told me, "you're my favorite person ever, Mommy." Only three years in my life, and I can't remember: Did I have a life without him?

Now (as you are reading this post, perhaps) I am on the other side of the world, meeting my third son. In his short, toddler life, he has had more loss than most of us will ever have. That's him, in the picture of the picture, but I can't let you see his face because he's not forever ours, yet. I suspect it will take him awhile to learn that; but I am confident that someday (perhaps years down the road) all of us will be unable to imagine life without each other.

And there is the other man, the God-man, whom I don't remember meeting either. He was present always in the moments of my young life, and He was always beautiful. I know, because we are all saved from sin at a moment in time, that I lived without Him. But, praise be to God, I cannot remember.


  1. Thanks for demonstrating that we serve a trustworthy God, who sticks closer than a brother, now and into the future.

  2. Wow! That's amazing! Can't wait to hear more of your new son!

  3. I do remember a time I didn't know you, sweet Megan, but I can't imagine not being forever friends with you! Praying for you - all 5 of you!

  4. Beautiful!!! I can't wait to hear about you meeting your sweet little boy!!!

  5. You took two semesters of Old Testament Greek just to get some guy to notice you? Somehow that makes me like you even better!

    Can't wait to meet the newest piece of your heart.

  6. Today, in the wee hours of our American night, Megan became the mother of a third son. Praise God. I am sure she will want to write more once she is back.

  7. Just read this and I think I feel excited to hear your family is growing! Love to all and I miss those two little guys! Freda Freeman

  8. Congratulations Megan, Rob and family! How exciting! - Heather

  9. I LoVe the mother/daughter team concept! I have 4 daughters myself, and they are all "my right hand men!"

    God bless you as you minister in your respective places (brave lady, Megan, for daring to boldly go down south!) and you respective ministries. I love your cheerful attitude!

    Keep on for Jesus!


  10. Beautifully written! Thank you foe sharing.

  11. Thanks for the encouragement, Lisa. We have some things in common. We both like having a daughter and Tasty Cakes. For me, Kandy Kakes are the best variety.

  12. "But, praise be to God, I cannot remember." Who but God can make a non-memory something of such vast beauty?

    1. Yes Bri... I love how she articulated that, and then, how you responded. God is sooo good.


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