June 4, 2012

Wanted: Your Blogs!

To celebrate the completion of our first year of blogging, we made some changes at Sunday Women. 

We improved the look of our homepage. We updated our profiles and added some new pictures. We even re-organized our past posts into an archive (for older posts) and a current posts page (for the past six months.) 

Now, we are working towards the debut of our blogroll.  We will link to other Sunday Women who blog about ministry life.  As we see it, Sunday Women are pastor's wives, youth leaders, foreign missionaries. They live downtown and in small towns.  They don't all play the piano.  They have stories to tell.

We want to highlight those stories and profiles of the women who tell them.  So, if you write a blog that would encourage other women in ministry, please submit the form below; we'll add you when we launch our blogroll.

And, to give you an idea of how your entry will look, we answered our own questions. . .

Patsy Evans at Sunday Women

"I laugh when I think that I fed a prominent missionary Sunday brunch in a kitchen so small that you could reach the stove, sink, and refrigerator from any seat at the table."

Megan Hill at Sunday Women

"One of my ministry heroines is my husband Rob's grandmother.  She once told me that her husband (a pastor) would give all his honorariums from weddings and funerals to her for spending money.  Today, Rob does the same for me.  Thanks, Grandma!"

Now it's your turn.  Please answer the 6 brief questions and scroll down to click "Submit."


  1. I'm excited to meet new women through your blog roll! What a fun idea, thanks!

  2. I don't quite qualify as a Sunday Woman yet but I'm looking forward to reading what pieces of wisdom other Sunday Woman have!

    1. After eight years in ministry, I daily realize that the more I know, the more I have to learn. So thankful there are others out there who are walking the same road!

  3. Thank you so much for writing this blog. I have happily added my name to the list of "Followers" and look forward to your future posts! I would love to add my blog to your blog roll, but am not sure if it is what you are looking for. It is not about being a pastor's wife (although I am) or about faith, but about saving money and decorating on a very small budget. Is this something that would fit and be helpful to other pastor wives?

    1. Patty, we want to feature all aspects of life in ministry. At Sunday Women, we like to post about the issues of ministry (but we aren't always so good at the money-saving and decorating you post about.) We'd love to add your blog!

      And you can look for it soon. . .I've got it on my to-do list!


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