March 9, 2015

Keep Up the Good Work!

The university where I work is in the middle of employee recognition week. I know this because I got an impersonal email that contains only the dates. No hoopla. No free donuts. No thanks in any form.

So, when I heard that Crossway is sponsoring "a 31-day online campaign to encourage the wives of men in ministry," I hoped the event would put the secular workplace's unappreciative attitude to shame. I decided to use our little slice of the internet to send you, pastor's wife, some real thanks and a bit of virtual hoopla.

Dear Pastor's Wife,
Happy Pastor's Wife Appreciation Month! Thank you for serving God and loving Jesus every day. You are valuable in His sight, and He loves you. We appreciate that you are willing to make sacrifices for others. Your job can be thankless, but God knows and will reward those who seek Him. Please don't grow weary of doing good. We think of and pray for you. Below you will find a virtual appreciation swag bag,  just for you.

With thanks,
Sunday Women

The Bag
For the pastor's wife in a small church who has almost weekly nursery duty for one other child plus her own, we give a virtual day of babysitting services so that she can do whatever she wants.

If you, pastor's wife, love an otherwise thoughtful husband who never brings you flowers, here is a virtual bouquet of all your favorites.

We bestow a virtual gift card for an expensive restaurant on the woman who gives up an anniversary dinner date with her husband so that he can minister to a dying saint.

Here is a new virtual sweater in the Pantone color of the year for the pastor's wife who sits in a cold car in front of a dorm while waiting for college students who say they want a ride to church and never show up.

In case there is a woman out there who planned a significant church event from start to finish only to encounter a tornado, blizzard or transit strike that crippled the entire state on the day of the program, we provide a one-week virtual luxury vacation far away from Hurricane Alley.

For the wife of a man in ministry whose children, in spite of a godly upbringing, break something at church while wrestling with their siblings, we present a weekly cup of coffee or tea and a delicate pastry, to be consumed in a quiet café.

If you are so thrifty that your sofa is older than Megan and your dishes came straight from Goodwill, let us gift you with a virtual remodel from HGTV's talented staff and a cameo on the show.

If you are a pastor's wife who willingly plays the organ for worship services, acts as church secretary, leads the choir and/or cleans the church because there is no church staff to do it, you deserve a virtual hug and maybe even a virtual trophy, which includes an accolade referring to sacrifice.

To all of the other pastors' wives who have tirelessly served their churches, ministered to the sick and needy, supported and encouraged their husbands or done anything else in the name of Christ, we salute you. Please take any virtual gift you want.


  1. haha ... brilliant ... this pastor's wife truly appreciates your thoughtfulness ;-) Please accept this virtual gift card to that cute café and enjoy a latte and a slice of cheesecake ;-)

    1. Thanks, Shelley, virtually, from the bottom of my heart.

  2. Thanks for the babysitting and for the quiet hour at the cafe (I'll order tea and reflect on our Saturday visit to a dear homebound member that ended with blood gushing from the head of the nine-year-old after his sister chunked a small log over a privacy fence onto his unsuspecting head)! I appreciate it!

    1. Melinda, fact is stranger than fiction. Thanks for all you do in the name of Christ.

  3. Oh thank you!! This is wonderful. I'm so glad that other ladies out there "get it" and can offer these virtual treats. Even if they are just virtual, they did a whole lot of REAL good in my person today. Thanks for this blog!!

    1. Thanks for commenting on our blog, thethingsthatcount. I hope you enjoy March and are appreciated greatly during it.

  4. I'd like a pot of tea with my mom, please. Suitable for any woman who has left father and mother and houses and lands for Christ's sake and the gospels. Redeemable on either side of heaven.

    1. Tea with Megan is one of my greatest pleasures. Your service to God is an encouragement to me, as your mom.


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