April 27, 2015

Signposts Along the Way

"It is the journey that matters, not the milestones," an acquaintance said. This is not true for me, as a believer. As I make my way through the Christian life, I need those markers.

They help me assess the journey. Have I made any progress in sanctification over time? Am I still on the right path? As I look back on the places where I stumbled, do I see how the Lord helped me get on my feet? Can I trust Him for guidance as I move forward? Milestones tell me that the answers are yes. "Through many dangers, toils and snares, we have already come. T'was Grace that brought us safe thus far, and Grace will lead us home."

Sunday Women just celebrated an anniversary, which caused me to look at the four-year stretch I travelled since the blog started. What did I experience along the way? God has loved and taught me and been a real present help in trouble. I sinned; I felt joy; I knew sorrow. I still have frustrations, but I am encouraged to continue the journey. I am looking forward to being in the place where everything is put right.

To illustrate some of God's goodness over the last four years, I linked to some of my posts below. You might see a posting that you missed the first time or one that has more relevance to you now.

Marriage My husband and I marked 40 years of marriage. God blessed us with several celebrations and trips that year. Little did we know that the 41st year would be one of confinement where even a trip to the supermarket presented risks to my husband's weakened immune system.

Husbands: Some Assembly Required shows some ways to keep your marriage vibrant while A Wife and Life Manual talks about some specifics of being a pastor's wife.

Ministry I was part of a search committee that found an associate pastor for our church. The group grew closer together as we served the Lord in this way. I was able to see the process from both sides because I had been a candidate's wife, and, now, I was helping our church look for the right candidate. Supernaturally, the Holy Spirit helped our diverse group narrow the choices and come to a harmonious agreement.

In a three-part series on candidating, Am I Mrs. Right? provides reassurance for the pastor's wife when her husband is looking for a new church. Is This the Right Church? addresses some of the concerns people have while candidating. Is There a Right Way? mentions things for candidates to consider when applying.

Loss This past year, I said goodbye to three important women in my life, my mother, my mother-in-law and my favorite aunt. Soon after the blog started, my husband had cancer surgery. Last year, he had chemotherapy treatment for leukemia, which was unrelated to the first cancer.  I still have moments of sadness when I realize what I have lost. But God gave me the peace that passes understanding during those times.

Dark Days for a Pastor's Wife talks about how others might not understand it when a pastor's wife goes through hard times. Give Thanks to the Lord shows how God helps me to praise Him in life's trials.

What milestones have you passed? What have they revealed about God's grace to you?

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