June 8, 2011

Happy #6: Pampering

"Pamper yourself" was the wise advice of Shirley. She knows that I am tired from ministering to the minister, my husband. At first, I hesitated because I want to avoid the selfish attitude of "I am worth it." Upon reflection, I realized that I am very much a woman of responsibilities and shoulds. It might do me good to be refreshed by consciously looking for happys in my life and doing some fun things. So, every day for the month of June, I will do something fun that makes me happy. Some big. Some small. Here is a sampling.
  • Smile at an 8-year-old girl wearing glasses. Remember my first pair of glasses when I was eight.
  • Buy some blue nail polish. Do I want Blue My Mind or Blue Streak? Get both.
  • Go to an old-fashioned musical at the local university. Come home humming.
  • Get a free DD donut on National Donut Day. Remember to get a frozen hot chocolate another day.
  • Set up my hummingbird feeder. Be happy that squirrels do not have beaks for drinking sugar water.
  • Eat an Edy's Coconut Cream Fruit Bar. Love that the company declares coconut a fruit.
  • Ignore the Farmville giveaway on the Edy's box because I think Farmville is insipid.
  • Save all my birthday greetings from Facebook friends for a day when I can savor them.
  • Plant four morning glories because they are only $.95, much lower than at the posh garden center.
  • Try on fancy clothes for my son's wedding. Be glad he is marrying the perfect match for him.
  • Download "Here Comes the Sun" to my i-pod because it really was a long and cold, lonely winter.
  • Ride a bus to New York City. Visit the Strand bookstore, which claims to have "18 Miles of Books."
  • Drink tea and eat scones with friends at a Victorian Days celebration. Order a new exotic tea.
  • Sell clothes at a consignment shop. Rejoice that I lost weight and will earn money to buy new clothes.
Now that Shirley got me started, I may do a fun thing every day for the whole summer! I feel refreshed and as if I am looking at normal things in a more postive light. I am ready for some more ministry.


  1. I'm taking the boys blueberry picking this morning. How is everyone else savoring their summer?

  2. Actually, today is my birthday. My family and I are planning to eat at our favorite restaurant. This is something we do not get to do very often. We are all excited!

  3. Hope your birthday was happy, Ann!

  4. I'm savoring summer in Russia, learning how to accept help on both sides of the ocean at the same time. :)


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