July 25, 2011

Fashion That Never Goes Out of Style

Trends in clothing and accessories capture my interest. I like observing fashion and wearing clothes that are stylish. In addition, I love a bargain. When I worked at a clothing store that gave a discount, I was quite happy. As a training video told us, "If you can't exercise, accessorize."

There is nothing sinful about looking pretty, especially if I don't exceed my budget to do it. However, I am tempted to justify the time I spend researching fashions and the money I spend on clothes by saying that I get such great bargains in the end. I need to re-examine my wardrobe attitude to see if it is godly. I don't always like to think about it, but others are watching my example because I am in ministry. You, too,  can be sure that a peer or a teen is looking at what you're wearing.

What will a well-dressed woman in ministry be wearing this season? This fashion-conscious lady wants to obtain a hidden, quiet beauty, which doesn't fade, comes adorned with wisdom and discretion, is precious to God and lasts a lifetime.


    1. I'm getting ready to head out on a trip, and I realize again how little I need. I think I need a whole closet, but I really just need a suitcase and a Bible!

    2. I might suggest a wooden barrel, but that might not be easy to sit down in. Plus, I just read an article about the importance of clothes in the Bible. If you read that Bible in your suitcase, you will be compelled to get to a clothing store.

    3. I appreciate your balance here. Clothes are valuable, but why we choose the clothes that we have is important. Thanks, Patsy!

      And Megan, you always look good in whatever you wear. My theory is it's because your heart is well-clothed as well. :) Hope both you ladies enjoy your weekend!

    4. Thanks, Cristy Lynn!

      It's funny, but before I turned 30 I really thought that was the magic age when I would have it all figured out style-wise. I quickly discovered that both my heart and my wardrobe are less polished than I would like!


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