May 11, 2011

Happy #3: Scripture Memory Music

Why "Happy"? See Happy #1 or Happy #2.

I can memorize anything that's set to music. I know lyrics of Beatles' songs I've never actually heard in the original, just because my Dad sang them around the house. And a local paper once reported that I know "every song in the hymnal, all five verses." (Quite erroneous, but my husband has never let me live it down!)

So, to memorize Scripture, I use Bible verses set to music. Of course, there are lots of those songs for kids (my kids love the tracks produced by Seeds Family Worship), but I have also found musicians who are producing tracks with adults in mind. 
Both of these artists have enabled me to hide God's Word in my heart; perhaps their music will bless you, too.


  1. I would encourage parents to sing and play music around their children. It makes singing in worship more natural. I didn't have that advantage growing up.

  2. Thank you for these free sites!! Another one of my favorites for Scripture memory is Seeds Family Worship... but I am betting you already know about them. :)

  3. Susie, I didn't know about Seeds Family Worship; thanks for cluing me in! Afte a quick google search, I discovered that you can listen to their Bible Memory music for kids online at My children and I will be listening this week!


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